After a concert don’t you wish you could take Synergy home so they can sing to you in your own living room?
Well as much as we would love to be able to do that for all our fans I’m afraid to say there are just too many of you.

But fear not, Synergy have released an album of all your and our favorite classics to play at your leisure in your home, work place or car.

So if you would like to order a copy for you or a friend just send an email with your name and address and how many Cd’s you would like to and claim your own piece of an ‘Orange Coloured Sky’.

Many thanks for thinking of us as a venue to come to sing at. I thoroughly enjoyed your set, and I think Duke of Earl in particular was absolutely brilliant!

Meurig Jones, Attraction Manager, Portmerrion

Congratulations on the win – you thoroughly deserved it. Wonderful programme in the competition at HFC – pure magic. Just loved the teddy bear’s picnic!

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